The objectives of the 1896BULLDOGS shall be:

1. To improve fundraising.
2. To decide how the fundraising should be spent.
3. To assist all association in promoting the best interests of Ton Pentre AFC.


The 1896BULLDOGS shall consist of members, who join through their affiliation to Ton Pentre AFC.
All Secretaries shall maintain a register of members.
Each member shall be a direct member and not as a member through a registration of one of the 1896BULLDOGS.


1. All members should make subscriptions of £1 (one pound) every week.
2. All subscriptions shall be paid to the Treasurer or Officers of the 1896BULLDOGS.
3. If members become more than one month in arrears their membership will be reviewed.


1. All monies received are to be banked on behalf of the 1896BULLDOGS. They shall be paid in full into the 1896BULLDOGS’ bank account.
2. The 1896BULLDOGS Statement of Accounts will be presented by the Treasurer at every meeting.


For a meeting to take place, one third of the membership should be present with at least two (2) Officers in attendance.


1. Officers of the 1896BULLDOGS shall be appointed every year at the 1896BULLDOGS Annual General Meeting.
2. Any 1896BULLDOGS member can nominate themselves but must have a Seconder.


The Honorary: Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary shall retire annually but will be eligible for re-election.


This is to consist of the three (3) elected Officers and a minimum of two (2) other members. They have the power to co-opt and take any action that they consider necessary, but must report back to the membership at the very next meeting of the 1896BULLDOGS.


All meetings shall be called by the Officers. The Secretary will email all members of the 1896BULLDOGS, who are encouraged to attend.

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