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Ton Pentre Football Club have a new colour after the 1896BULLDOGS donated a new away/third kit to the Ynys Park outfit.

Ton Pentre AFC have a new colour.

Ton Pentre AFC have a new colour.

Following much fundraising throughout the season by our members, the 1896BULLDOGS decided to provide Ton Pentre AFC with a new kit, which carries our logo across the shoulders.

It is a break from tradition for Ton Pentre who have almost always played in red at home and blue when away.

The 1896BULLDOGS decided on green as the colour for two reasons.

Firstly, it honours the support that Jill Evans MEP (whose logo appears on the front of the shirt) has provided to the Club over many years and secondly it was identified as a colour that is rarely worn by Ton Pentre’s opponents.

The kit was worn for the first time in the Rhondda Derby match that took place at AFC Porth on Saturday, 25th January 2014. The match finished AFC Porth 1-1 Ton Pentre.

Jaymie Wearn celebrates his goal against AFC Porth in the new kit donated by the 1896BULLDOGS.

Jaymie Wearn celebrates his goal against AFC Porth in the new kit donated by the 1896BULLDOGS.


Hmmm, Saturday didn’t quite go to plan as the Bulldogs disappointingly lost their third game on the bounce against local rivals AFC Porth.

It’s never good losing the bragging rights to near neighbours but Ton Pentre fans are going to have to keep these tears in our eyes at least until 14th December when we welcome Porth back to Ton for the reverse fixture.

Fair play to Porth though, they defended well and former Ton goalkeeper Stephen Hall put in an excellent display with some superb saves to secure their 1-0 win.

The Bulldogs had their chances though but were unable to take them.

Hopefully this is just a small, short, insignificant blip (fingers crossed) in our season and that we are getting it out of the way early.

We have really good players at this club who have proven their skill to us time and time again. They need to regroup and enter the Ynys Park arena like gladiators with grit and determination to stop the slump.

Up next is Tata Steel at Ynys Park on Saturday 8th September at 2.30pm.

Before that, perhaps Wales will bring us some joy in their World Cup Qualifier against Belgium in Cardiff on Friday 7th?! With all our fingers crossed for Ton, we’ll have to cross our toes for this one!