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There will be an 1896BULLDOGS meeting in the Ton Pentre AFC Clubhouse on 19 June at 7.15pm. 

There’s lots to discuss so we look forward to seeing you there.

If you’re not a member and would like to join, please pop along.

Up the Bulldogs!


Ton Pentre Football Club have a new colour after the 1896BULLDOGS donated a new away/third kit to the Ynys Park outfit.

Ton Pentre AFC have a new colour.

Ton Pentre AFC have a new colour.

Following much fundraising throughout the season by our members, the 1896BULLDOGS decided to provide Ton Pentre AFC with a new kit, which carries our logo across the shoulders.

It is a break from tradition for Ton Pentre who have almost always played in red at home and blue when away.

The 1896BULLDOGS decided on green as the colour for two reasons.

Firstly, it honours the support that Jill Evans MEP (whose logo appears on the front of the shirt) has provided to the Club over many years and secondly it was identified as a colour that is rarely worn by Ton Pentre’s opponents.

The kit was worn for the first time in the Rhondda Derby match that took place at AFC Porth on Saturday, 25th January 2014. The match finished AFC Porth 1-1 Ton Pentre.

Jaymie Wearn celebrates his goal against AFC Porth in the new kit donated by the 1896BULLDOGS.

Jaymie Wearn celebrates his goal against AFC Porth in the new kit donated by the 1896BULLDOGS.


The 1896BULLDOGS are hoping to attract new members to the Ton Pentre AFC supporters movement throughout the 2013/2014 season. In an aim to achieve this, we have published our newly devised 1896BULLDOGS Constitution, which was agreed upon at a recent meeting.

It is our hope that the Constitution demonstrates our commitment to raising funds for Ton Pentre AFC in a bid to help football flourish at Ynys Park.

Please get in touch if you would like to join the 1896BULLDOGS by emailing for more details.

Please remember that we can also be found on Facebook and on Twitter.

The 1896BULLDOGS Constitution can also be viewed in PDF format here:

1896BULLDOGS – Constitution Ver




The objectives of the 1896BULLDOGS shall be:

1. To improve fundraising.
2. To decide how the fundraising should be spent.
3. To assist all association in promoting the best interests of Ton Pentre AFC.


1. The 1896BULLDOGS shall consist of members, who join through their affiliation to Ton Pentre AFC.
2. All Secretaries shall maintain a register of members.
3. Each member shall be a direct member and not as a member through a registration of one of the 1896BULLDOGS.


1. All members should make subscriptions of £1 (one pound) every week.
2. All subscriptions shall be paid to the Treasurer or Officers of the 1896BULLDOGS.
3. If members become more than one month in arrears their membership will be reviewed.


1. All monies received are to be banked on behalf of the 1896BULLDOGS. They shall be paid in full into the 1896BULLDOGS’ bank account.
2. The 1896BULLDOGS Statement of Accounts will be presented by the Treasurer at every meeting.


For a meeting to take place, one third of the membership should be present with at least two (2) Officers in attendance.


1. Officers of the 1896BULLDOGS shall be appointed every year at the 1896BULLDOGS Annual General Meeting.
2. Any 1896BULLDOGS member can nominate themselves but must have a Seconder.


The Honorary: Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary shall retire annually but will be eligible for re-election.


This is to consist of the three (3) elected Officers and a minimum of two (2) other members. They have the power to co-opt and take any action that they consider necessary, but must report back to the membership at the very next meeting of the 1896BULLDOGS.


All meetings shall be called by the Officers. The Secretary will email all members of the 1896BULLDOGS, who are encouraged to attend.

The wait for some football action is nearly over as Ton Pentre AFC begin their pre-season friendlies next Saturday (20th July).

Last season came to an abrupt end as Ton’s final two games of the season were cancelled after Barry Town were withdrawn from Welsh League Division One by their maniac owner. Everything since then has been well documented and the new fan owned Barry Town United have our full support. We hope they continue to fight.

Since then, news out of Ynys Park has been scarce. We know the committee has worked hard on touching up Ynys Park and we know our pre-season opponents (Check for more).

However, there’s been very little news on new signings and which players will be staying at the club.

We’re aware that Dean Morris (Manager) has been working his squad hard over the last few weeks to get them fit for the friendly games and we’re all looking forward to seeing who he’s managed to attract to the Bulldogs on Saturday.

As always, Deano and his back room staff will have our full support, as will the squad of players that they have assembled.

We can’t wait for the action to return, so roll on Radstock Town and…


The 1896BULLDOGS are a fan movement that intends to help and support Ton Pentre AFC. Our plan is simple, to raise funds and make improvements.

Football in Ton Pentre dates back to 1896 and it is our intention to ensure football in the village continues for all to enjoy.

We are a growing group of loyal fans and under the 1896BULLDOGS banner we hope to raise funds to improve the image of Ton Pentre AFC. Before our launch, the founders raised funds to purchase equipment for the Ynys Park canteen.

Since then the 1896BULLDOGS have raised more and for the 2012/2013 season we will supply the squad with post match leisurewear.

Football in Ton Pentre dates back to 1896 and it is our intention to ensure football in the village continues for all to enjoy.

Our members have been working hard to raise funds in order to achieve this with the majority of it being donated out of their own pockets.

It is now time to up the ante and assist the Club so that many more generations can enjoy watching local football at Ton Pentre AFC.

If you’re interested in helping us please get in touch.

We’ll release more details prior to the start of the season on how you can join the 1896BULLDOGS as we want the movement to grow and grow.

You can email us via and follow us on Twitter, @1896BULLDOGS.